The Emerald Tablets of Thoth Chronicles: Tablet 3

July 30, 2019



In the third tablet we start to get more into the meat of the teachings of Thoth. This tablet is titled as the key of wisdom. 


In this tablet it states that it is important to never be proud and to never think that you are too smart to learn new things or to gain more wisdom from someone else. It is very important to have conversations with ignorant people as well as wise people. And that if someone comes to you full of knowledge it is important to listen. Because wisdom is all. It is also stated that one should never stay silent when evil is spoken in place for the truth. 


It is important to follow your heart during your lifetime and that we should all strive to do more than what is asked for us. It is imperative that we follow are heart because what is the point of riches or fame if your heart is weary? 


People who are led or guided will not go astray, but people who are lost cannot find a straight path because they don't have the vision to find any kind of path. Love is the most important thing. Love the beginning and the end of the heart. 


ANd if someone comes to you for advice or council, let him or her speak their mind. This is important because that person confided in you enough to ask for your advice. And if that person hesitates to open their heart to you it could be because you did something wrong. 


You do not need to speak with complicated words or extravagant speech. Usually if someone is trying to sound intelligent it is because they feel like they need to prove something. Silence is important, and talking for the sake of talking is pointless.


Stay humble and do not place your heart above the children of men.


If you want to leave a lasting legacy, be honored for knowledge and gentleness.


If you want to know the true motives of a friend, do not ask their companions, but sit down and spend time with that person. Test their heart and debate them. This is how you grow with your friends. 


Knowledge is regarded as ignorance by the fool, the things that are profitable to him are hurtful. 


The wise man keeps his mouth shut but lets his heart overflow.


Man only supports himself only on that which resists. Meaning that as human beings, we need tribulations and hardships to allow for us to grow. 


Everyone does not have the same perception of things. An object can appear with a different form and color from person to person. As such, the infinite fire changes constantly. It never stays the same. 


Man is a fire burning through the night. The veil of darkness nor the veil of night can quench it's darkness.

Only in consciousness does name and form end. Consciousness is the invisible infinite force of bright radiance. The forms that are created by illuminating your own vision truly affects the cause.


Man is but a radiant star, bound to a body of flesh and blood. Only at the end is he freed through his strife. The star within shall blossom but only through struggle and toil. For these things allow for us to appreciate the easier times.


Remember that all that exists is only another form that has existed not. Matter cannot be destroyed and you are no exception. Matter, our essence, is only reconstituted as another form of life after our "death".


This is Law. Consider the law, for all is law. Do not seek that which is not the law because it only exists in the illusion of the senses. 


And now Thoth begins to tell us how he searched for that was hidden:


All through the ages, 
the light has been hidden. 
Awake, O man, and be wise.

Deep in the mysteries of life have I traveled, 
seeking and searching for that which is hidden. 

List ye, O man, and be wise.



He says that there are masters of the great secret wisdom. These masters were brought from the future of infinity's end. These masters live forever, yet there are not of the living. Bound not to life and yet free from death. They rule forever with infinite wisdom and they live in the dark halls of Death but they are not bound to these halls. Thoth recounts that he has journeyed through the deep hidden passage and looked at life among men. And after searching beneath the Flowers of Life, he found that man is living in darkness, and that the great fire is hidden within every man. 


Thoth says that there are seven masters. Each with distinct titles:



1. Three


2. Four













Three - Holds the key of all hidden magic. He is the creator of the halls of the dead. He binds the souls of the children of men.


 Four - Lord of the life to the children of man.


Five - the master, the lord of all magic-key to the word that resounds among men.


Six - lord of the light, the hidden pathway, part of the souls pf the children of men.


Seven - lord of vastness, master of space and the key of times.


Eight - he who orders the progress; weighs and balances the journey of man.


Nine - father, vast he of the countenance, forming and changing form put of the formless.



Now we are reaching the end of the tablet and what Thoth says is pretty interesting:


Meditate on the symbols I give thee. 
Keys are they, though hidden from men.

Reach ever upward, O Soul of the morning. 
Turn thy thoughts upward to Light and to Life. 
Find in the keys of the numbers I bring thee, 
light on the pathway from life unto life.



Seek ye with wisdom. 
Turn thy thoughts inward. 
Close not thy mind to the flower of Light.



Place in thy body a thought-formed picture. 
Think of the numbers that lead thee to Life.



Clear is the pathway to he who has wisdom. 
Open the door to the Kingdom of Light.



Pour forth thy flame as a Sun of the morning. 
Shut out the darkness and live in the day.



Take thee, O man! As part of thy being, 
the Seven who are but are not as they seem. 
Opened, O man! Have I my wisdom. 
Follow the path in the way I have led.



Masters of Wisdom, 
to the children of men.


So after reading this it seems like the numbers that Thoth previously described as masters are now being described as symbols. Our ancient ancestors were famous for using symbols and allegory in their stories to help man reach higher levels of spirituality and this seems no different.



Stay tuned for Tablet IV: The Space Born!!



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