The Emerald Tablets of Thoth Chronicles: Tablet I

May 1, 2019


In the first tablet, Thoth describes his own history and where he is from. Thoth states that during his creation of the book he began that specific incarnation in the city of KEOR on the island of Undal. The inhabitants of Atlantis renewed their lives from aeon to aeon in the Halls of Amenti. And at this location, is where the river of life flows. He has embarked on this journey more than 1000 times. He states that for a time he will descend back to the halls and the men of Khem (Egypt) will know him no longer know him as that incarnation. He also gives a fair warning to anyone who dares to falsely betray his teachings. Thoth explicitly states, “Betray not my secrets to the men of the North, or the men of the South lest my curse falls upon ye.” He begins to describe how great his people were in the ancient days and how about everyone either knew the ancient wisdom or had an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. His father Thotme was the keeper of the great temple and also the link between the children of light and the inhabitants of the ten islands. This is where thoth grew up while he was being taught the elder mysteries with his father. Years of studying passed it was commanded that Thoth was to be brought before the dweller of the temple. Thoth begins his studies in the temple for ages until he was received the key of life from the Lords of Life and the Lords of Death. Thoth is no longer bound by death to the circle of life. Thoth begins to describe how he lives through the ages and watches those around him die and be reborn from the halls of amenti.

Throughout time, he watches Atlantis progress through waves of consciousness. But as atlantis flourished, the thoughts of the inhabitants begin to spiral into darkness. It was then decreed by the dweller that Atlantis was to be punished. There was then a great cataclysmic event in which it was described as “Over the world then broke, the great waters drawing and sinking changing the earth's balance.” Everything was destroyed until only the temple of light remained. Thoth was then commanded by the master to take the remaining Atlanteans and everything that they have learned and head to different areas of the globe. After gathering his people and entering the great ship of the master the great temple of light was then swallowed by the waves. Thoth and his people then fled towards the Sun of the morning until they arrived in the land of Khem. The children of Khem came raging towards the Thoth and his people but Thoth raised his staff and directed a ray of vibration and struck them still in their tracks. After telling the inhabitants they were children of the sun, the children of Khem cowered before Thoth and prostrated themselves in front of Thoth after his display of his Magic-science. After spending years in the land of Khem Thoth begins to send his people to many directions to spread the commands of the master. The children of KHEM grew in the light of knowledge under Thoth's wisdom.

As time went on the children of Khem conquered the people around them as they continued to grow. For a time, Thoth retreats back to the halls of Amenti to face the dweller and to retain his powers. Thoth also states that he constructed an entrance to the halls leading down. And on top of the passageway, he constructed the great pyramid using “the power that overcomes the earth force” (gravity). And deeper than that he carved a circular passage to the great summit. And right in the apex he sat a crystal that sends a ray into the “time-space” that draws from the ether that concentrates a gateway to Amenti. He also builds seemingly empty chambers, but they all hold keys to the hall of amenti. He also states that when he built the pyramid, it was patterned after the pyramid of the earth force. Could he be speaking of ley-lines? Inside this pyramid, he places the knowledge of his Magic-science. He ends this tablet with this closing:


"Preserve ye and keep the command of the dweller

  Lift ever upwards your eyes toward the light.


  Surely in time, ye are the command of the dweller

  Surely by right, ye are one with the master

  Surely by right, ye are one with the All


  now, I depart from ye

  know my commandments

  keep them and be them

  and I will be with you,

  helping and guiding you into the light.

  Now before me opens the portal

  Go I down in the darkness of the night."



Stay tuned for The Emerald Tablets of Thoth Chronicles: Tablet 2 in which I summarize the the second tablet in this awesome book!



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