What is the Kybalion? Hermeticism part. 2

August 3, 2018



In part. 1 of What is Hermeticsm? we gave a brief description of some of the foundations of hermeticism. In part two we'll talk about the Kybalion. This mysterious and elusive book supposedly contains some of the teachings from the mystery schools of Ancient Egypt as well as Ancient Greece. Over the years the same question has always remained, what is the Kybalion? And who wrote it? The Kybalion was originally published in 1908 by a group of people or a person using the pseudonym of "The Three Initiates". It is believed that this book contains some of the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus. It is believed that the book will make it's appearance in the student's life when the appropriate time comes.



The book contains seven "axioms" or principles. 


The principle of mentalism.

The principle of correspondence.

the principle  of vibration.

the principle of polarity.

The principle of rhythm.

The principle of cause and effect.

The principle of gender.




Mentalism-The All is mind; the universe is mental.


This principle explains that the universe is not this physical intangible reality, but that the universe as well as the ALL, or our substantial reality which constitutes the manifestations of the physical is mental. The ALL is also known as "energy", "matter", "The Universe", and anything that we can witness with our material senses. This in itself is considered an Unknowable and inconceivable but it can be considered a unique universal living mind. A universal consciousness that links us all. This explains that the entire universe is a simply a mental projection of this universal consciousness. According to this, we are an extension of this universal consciousness or the ALL and we are the universal experiencing itself. This explains the nature of "Matter" and "Energy". This principle can also explain that our thoughts create our reality, and that our reality is not intangible. 






Correspondence- As above, so below.


The ancient hermetic students considered this principle as one of the most important mental tools in which man was able to attain a better understanding of the universe. This principle states that there is correspondence between the planes of manifestation, life, and being. It is stated as truth because everything that is included in the universe comes from the same source, therefore the same characteristics and laws apply. In hermetic philosophy the universe is considered to be divided into "three great planes". The Great Planes are not considered to be actual divisions of the universe, but rather terms used by the teachers in order to aid in the study of the various forms of universal activity.

These planes include:

The Great Physical Plane

The Great Mental Plane

The Great Spiritual Plane




The Principle of Vibration


This principle states that "everything is in motion" and that absolutely nothing is at rest. this is incredible because modern science now backs up this fact It is astounding to think that the teachers of ancient Egypt as preached this fact thousands of years prior. It is explained that all of the different manifestations of Mind, Spirit, energy, and matter results from the different rates of vibration from the universal mind. The higher the vibration, the higher the position on the scale. This rule applies to the highest form of matter, to the lowest form of matter. And in between this scale are billions of varying degrees of vibration. This applies to the smallest atom, all of the way up to the universes and planets. This fact is also true for the spiritual plane and the mental plane. When the hermetic student has an understanding of this principle, he or she will be able to control their own mental vibrations.



The Principle of Polarity



"Everything is dual", "Everything has it's pairs of opposites", "everything has two poles". These axioms explains paradoxes that has perplexed people for thousands of years. this principle explains that opposites are two sides of the same coin. That opposites are the two extremes of the same exact thing with varying degrees in between them. Where does one thing end and the opposite thing begin? Light and darkness is an excellent example of this. Light and Darkness is actually the same thing with the difference being the varying degrees between the two poles. At which point does darkness become light? And vice-versa. This law cannot be replaced. Another great example of this principle is the phrase "A thin line between love and hate". Love and hate are technically degrees of the same thing. Hermetic students understands this. And this is where "Mental Alchemy" comes into play. Mental fortitude is what constitutes the ability to transition from one degree of vibration to another. For example, transmuting good into evil, or evil into good. If you can understand this principle you can change your polarity.




The Principle of Rhythm.



Everything moves in a measured motion. Everything has a high-tide and a low-tide. There will always be an action and a reaction. the universe is no different in following this law. The destruction and creation of worlds, the mental state of man, and the life of all things apply to this law. You cannot stop this law or cease it's operation. The only thing a student of the arts can do is discover methods and means on how to overcome it's effects. At some point, the student will learn how to manipulate this principle as opposed to being manipulated by it. He or she is able to neutralize this swing and not be carried back and forth between poles. Using willpower, the student will not be swung back and forth like a pendulum. 





Principle of Cause and Effect


There is a cause and effect for everything. "You reap what you sow". There is no such thing as chance, or nothing merely happens. There is a cause for every effect and an effect from every cause. Absolutely nothing escapes this law. Usually the high planes of existence is dominating the lower plane of existence. But the goal of the student is to become a causer instead of reacting to the effects of the cause. Using this rule can help the student learn and play the game of life. Obey the causation of higher planes, but in doing so this will help you master your own plane.




The Principle of Gender


The Masculine and Feminine principles are forever at work. There is gender manifested in everything. No type of spiritual, physical, or mental creation is possible without this law. For example, on the physical plane this law is manifested as sex. Every female element contains the male principle and every male principle has a female element. everything has it's Masculine and Female components.







This was part two of what is Hermeticism. Thank you for reading and subscribe to our mailing list! Peace and love.














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