What is Fear and Failure?

May 15, 2018



Fear and Failure go hand in hand. Who wants to fail in front of their peers? And so begins the fear of failure. This fear is the biggest enemy to mankind. Can you imagine right now how many people on this planet have had ideas that could have potentially revolutionized the world but were too scared to have their ideas rejected? How many people have had novels, music, and art but were too afraid to release them because they believed that no one would bother to appreciate the effort? It has been said that the cemetery is the richest place on earth because so many dreams and inventions have died with the creators because they were fearful of failing. It can be said that failure is a double-edged sword. Sure it hurts to fail, but failure is the catalyst for change. It forces us to look deep down inside of ourselves and see what we're really made of. It forces us to grow and evolve. You must learn to love failure. To embrace it. You can only go up from failure. Failure builds and reinforces an individual for bigger challenges both physical and mental.


Peace and love.

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