My first astral projection experience

April 24, 2018


My first experience with astral projection was around November of 2017. Because it was my first time I used an astral projection hypnosis track on YouTube to help with my first journey. Twenty minutes into the hypnosis I remember my whole body having a tingling sensation. The woman’s voice in the audio described a “pop” sound when you first begin to leave your body. And at this point, I remember recalling that I have not heard the pop. And as soon as I finished my thought I heard the pop. I rolled sideways and I saw my physical body lying on the bed. I floated higher and higher until I began to phase through my ceiling. I remember looking behind me and seeing two cords; a gold one as well as a silver one. As I floated higher and higher I was surrounded by stars. The first thing that came to mind was to try and sit in lotus position and to try and meditate with the stars. But I’ve always had difficulties with the lotus position due to tight hips. But as soon as I thought about it, I heard someone say, “No, you can do that here.” I looked to my right and saw a being sitting next to me. He was shirtless and had these baggy gold pants on. He also wore this beautiful golden headdress. As I was about to say something I ended up transporting to this other dimension. The sensation was as if I moved in a fast forward motion. I ended up in this valley with an overcast sky but it was beautiful nonetheless. There was this figure standing in a black cloak with it’s back turned to me. As I approached this figure I realized that there wasn’t anything under the cloak. It was almost if the actual being was invisible. And almost as if it was annoyed with me, it left me and ventured further into the valley. After seeing this I figured that I’ve seen enough for my first experience. And I simply thought about going back to my physical body. I ended up “waking up” and one of the fascinating things I remember is that when I returned to my body, the first thing I did was stretch because my physical body was literally asleep. But mentally I was wide awake so I knew this wasn’t lucid dreaming.

It was a huge landmark for my spiritual journey. I hope you guy’s enjoyed and please tell me your experiences.

Love and peace.

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